Singapore Visa


  • Valid passport (along with old passports) with at least 6 month validity from the date of travel.
    • Application form duly filled and signed by Pax mentioning his/her direct contact number on it. Row number 1 should have the SURNAME and row number 2 should have the NAME of the applicant.
    • The photo pasted on the application form should be signed cross in such a manner that half of the signatures are on the form and half on the photo.
    • Covering Letter addressed to The Visa Officer, Singapore High Commission [In case of own business (on company letterhead mentioning the name and designation). In case of Employed (On company letterhead mentioning the designation OR if covering letter on plain paper then NOC from Company mentioning the designation)].
    • OCCUPATION PROFF (NOC from Employer)
    • Bank Statement
    • Return Ticket Itinerary
    • For applicants in service – Need to give original NOC or Leave from Present working company OR For applicants running their own business need to give request letter ONLY on their company’s Letter Head with active telephone numbers.

      CHARGES : 3500/-