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You can choose one of the advantageous offers or create a refund request.

Create a request to change ticket to an open ticket.

You can change your ticket to an open ticket and reissue it for a flight until February 28, 2021. Your open ticket can be reissued for your new flight (until February 28, 2021) after flights start to operate normally, or you can benefit from your right to a refund.

Create a free change request

You can change your ticket to another flight at no charge. You will be informed when your change request is completed

Create a refund request in Miles

You can get your refund in Miles and add value to your ticket. It may take 48 hours for the Miles to be added to your account.

Create a refund with a voucher.You can get a refund with a voucher which you can use to purchase Turkish Airlines tickets and services. The voucher is 15% more in value than the ticket price.

Create a standard refund request

In accordance with the decisions taken by civil aviation authorities, your refund can be made after the flights return to normal. We kindly advise you to apply after the flights return to normal or review the other advantageous options offered and create your request now.


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